Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Building the Cosmology

I've started wok on the Cosmology of Dahara. In the 'Duke's War' campaign, there were, of course, the gods the characters knew about and were exposed to, but during the campaign they were also exposed to references to other gods not part of the dominant pantheon... something I had not developed at that time.

But other characters were exposed to even more gods. Gregg's character had numerous dream sequences (e-mails) with a mysterious woman, who hung out with a bunch of other folks inside a cabin in the wilderness. While it never was implicitly stated, it was obvious these were also gods of some sort, but what was their purpose?

Finally, there were the elves in the group, Kurik and Earithraldor. It was well known that elves practiced ancestor worship, and did not worship any gods. Why was that? I knew going into the campaign the reasons, but the characters were not in the campaign long enough to learn that reason.

Then came LaRue's character.

Because of the nature of his character (he was part druid), he required something different to be done. I'm not intimately familiar with druids, but I know their power and ability to unbalance a campaign, so this required me to bring into focus more about the nature of the world of Dahara and how it interacted with the deities. In Rick's case, I gave him membership in some mysterious "order" and had to leave it at that (with apologies to LaRue - one of the weaker points of that campaign IMO. Not his character, but my treatment of it). Further, using e-mails with LaRue, I ended up developing a bit more of this divine nature of the world forcing me now to tie it all together.

Which is where I am today. As I sat down I thought this was going to be tough, but it has turned out to not be nearly as difficult as I thought. In fact, as I'm writing what actually happened, it strikes me as weird how well it is all fitting together. Of course, maintaining the mystery of what really went on is going to require me to write a Player's Version of the events. This too, will be fun. When that's done, I'll publish it here.

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Rick LaRue said...

I was pretty sure I was throwing you a curve with my PC (but not in a bad way), but you adapted very well. I could tell you were making things up on the fly, but it worked, it was fun and it made sense in as much as I understood your cosmology. Sure it would have been cool to flesh out the "Order" with a name and stuff, but it was so close to the end of the campaign that it didn't make much sense to go too crazy with it. If you plan to include it in your next campaign then it can be expanded and/or changed.