Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Please be sure to keep checking back, and don't forget to listen to Fear the Boot every week!

See you next year at Gen Con 2009!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bust A Move

So after three days of solid gaming, seminars and even LARPing, most gamers are ready to let their hair down and cut it up. The Gen Con dance is the place for that. Held in the Union Station, there's plenty of room to move your feet. This year had an 80s theme, and turnout was pretty good. Here's a few minutes of highlights. Granted, watching other people dance is not always the most exciting, but remember these are gamers, and they do have their own style, plus the guy at around the 2:30 mark makes it worth it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

10 Foot Pole

One of the other activities offered for the non-gamer at Gen Con this year was a pole dancing class. Wisely, the class doors were closed with a large sign hanging outside that read 'No Spectators!' These are gamers we're talking about here...

...In Front of a Live Studio Audience

Fear the Boot did a live recording of Episode 112 at Gen Con. We did this recording to a packed room of easily 50 fans and listeners. I cannot even begin to describe how cool that was. We bantered for a bit as we normally do, then took questions from the crowd. It all worked out quite nicely, but almost did not happen. Thankfully my laptop saved the day. So Hooray for Macs!

A shot of the crowd early on. It filled to capacity within 10 mins.

Chad takes a question from a listener.

Just About Everything

Just when you think you've seen it all at Gen Con, they have something else. Look for the brief appearance by none other than (is he a) real Dr. Lucias Meyer.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Moment for Gary

It's not easy to get 30,000 gamers to shut up, but there was a moment of silence on Saturday for Gary Gygax. It took a moment to kick in where I was standing, but it was worth it. The music in the background was provided by a nearby booth, but it seems almost appropriate.

Late Night Gaming

Gaming is a 24/4 affair at Gen Con, and it literally never stops. And as you'll see at the end of this video, it can make certain Fear the Boot hosts prone to attacks.

Pick Up Games & Demos

Games abound at Gen Con, and it's not just the scheduled events. Pick-up games occur all over. Hell, we played on on Wednesday night. One of the fun spots was the Board Game HQ, where you could rent out a board game from their library, pay a generic ticket ($2) and game to your hearts content. We ran a couple games of Carcassone and Zombies.

Hey, we're playing Zombies!

It's me and Zeke Coppereyes playing Zombies!

Dan attempts to screw with the other players, whist Chad ponders thoughtfully.

One of the other fun things to do is catch a demo or twelve. I was able to sit in on a demo of the game "Mall of Horror" which is very much like 'Survivor' for zombie games. I was also able to sit in on demo of "Last Night on Earth."

Playing 'Mall of Horror.'

The other guys playing with me and the woman giving the demo.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


One of the other activities available for non-gamers was some basics of Kendo instruction. It was real basic, to be sure, but still interesting and informative.

Also, on another note, this will likely be the only update today. I'm posting this on Sunday, which is the end of the Con, and time to head home, so you likely won't see anything until at least Monday. But keep checking back, as I still have more clips and things to post.

Feedback From Feedback

Got to talk to Feedback, winner of Season 1 of 'Who Wants to be a Super Hero?'. Great guy, and a gamer to boot! He also does stuff for charity, which is cool.

Album Updated

I've added the remainder of the pictures to the photo album.
Live Action Hero Clix

WizKids ran some live action demos of Hero Clix. Here's some of the highlights.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

C'mon Chewie!

One of the celebrity Guests at Gen Con was none other than Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca. He was kind enough to spare a few moments for me.

For the Non-Gamer

Gen Con has realized that it is a more family-oriented event, as the gaming population gets older, and thus brings about non-gamer activities. One of those is some Irish Dance basics.