Friday, August 15, 2008

The Ending of Thursday

Sorry no frequent updates today. Been pretty busy getting lots of new details, video, pics and more to have the time. It'll be worth the wait, let me just say that.

Let's recap a bit from last night, though... Thursday evening I finally met up with Dan & Chad and was able to move my stuff over from Grungy's hotel. I had a bad headache most of the day, but a nearby CVS solved that little dilemma. It
didn't relieve the sting from losing my sweet water bottle, but whatcha gonna do?

I should mention that earlier in the day I was able to get some gaming in, notably the new Pathfinder Chronicles, or "Living Pathfinder" if you want to be smarmy. It was fun. I was able to game with a good chunk of my old crew, which made it even more enjoyable. Is this something I will continue? Who knows? I got pretty burnt out and
dissatisfied with Living Greyhawk, but Pathfinder may address some of those issues. Either way, it was still sweet to actually go to Gen Con and game a bit.

Hey, look. It's me, gaming!

Serious battle going on here.

Okay, now on to the FtB Get-to-gether. We had found the place known simply as "The House" whch was a bar located under the old Union Station. Apparently the bar is indeed only open for the four days of Gen Con - which is pretty cool when you think about it. The drink price also reflected it. Beer was pretty standad, but the mixed drinks were a bit spendy. Though the amount of people ebbed and flowed over the evening, I'd say we had about 30-35 folks there. It was rather amusing during the evening as our crowd got larger (we were near the entrance), we'd shout out, "Fear the Boot?" when people would
come in, to see if they were here for us. If not, we gave them a business card. What was amusing about this though, was the looks of shock, concern and even fear on people's faces when they had so many people asking them the same thing, and to them it made no sense. Think about it... would the phrase, "Fear the Boot?" make sense to out if it came out of the blue? I had to several times, tell people it was okay for them to come in, and go into the rest of the bar if they wanted to.

Met some great forum users from the Twin Cities area, and talked to them for a while. They were very cool. The only downer for the evening was learning that Snot, from the famous "Puke & Snot" comedy troupe at the Minnesota Reniessance Festival had died. That sucks.
What was a definate highlight of the night was the generosity. Maritan Bob, along with others bought rounds for the table. It amazes me that people will extend such kindness toward something they love and that is a part of their lives. Truly touching. During the evening, we had some people that didn't know about FtB, but did play a cool cardgame with us called, "Are you a Werewolf?" It's a great large party game, and I may try and find it to pick up. Finally hit the sack around 12:30am on Friday...

A Minnesota contingent. They own two copies.

Hell, the whole group owns two copies.

Just fellow Booters hanging about.

And more... you can see Chad and Dan's hair.

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