Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pick Up Games & Demos

Games abound at Gen Con, and it's not just the scheduled events. Pick-up games occur all over. Hell, we played on on Wednesday night. One of the fun spots was the Board Game HQ, where you could rent out a board game from their library, pay a generic ticket ($2) and game to your hearts content. We ran a couple games of Carcassone and Zombies.

Hey, we're playing Zombies!

It's me and Zeke Coppereyes playing Zombies!

Dan attempts to screw with the other players, whist Chad ponders thoughtfully.

One of the other fun things to do is catch a demo or twelve. I was able to sit in on a demo of the game "Mall of Horror" which is very much like 'Survivor' for zombie games. I was also able to sit in on demo of "Last Night on Earth."

Playing 'Mall of Horror.'

The other guys playing with me and the woman giving the demo.

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