Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gen Con, Day 0 & 1

Well, the trip could have started off a bit better, but I'm here and that's what counts. I had shot some video of my journey, but my camera appears to be a bit wonky, so that video did not turn out. I should have the problem fixed for an update later tonight.

I did get to Indy just fine however. Met up with my old gaming group in Rockford, then off to Indy. Got to the hotel and hooked up with Grungydan from the Fear The Boot Forums. Then it was off to pick up my bag and such, then to find something to eat. Because I'm cheap, I tried to make it to the Mall food court, but it was after 9pm and the mall was closed.

I did find supper and friends at Champions, a sports bar in Marriot. My traveling companions were there eating. After dinner, it was back to the hotel room, where I was thrust into an impromptu game of Torg.

Here' the crew here playing. Ender was GMing.

After that, it was time to sleep. Since I was just crashing there for the night, it was the floor for me, where I didn't sleep too bad actually. Personally, Gen Con isn't really Gen Con if you don't sleep on the floor of a hotel room at least once.

Up early this morning and out the door by 7:15am to grab some Mickey D's for breakfast, then to check out the early morning scene. There is something cool about Gen Con the first morning before everything gets going. There's an excitement in the air you can really feel.

Some folks waiting outside the Pathfinder Society kickoff.

The line waiting to get into the Exhibitor's Hall.

Folks in line for early morning Event Registration.

So, that's about it for now. My biggest beef? Seems that the convention Center has not entered the 21st Century with an offering of Free Wireless. So, I'm posting this from the nearby Hyatt, using the state's Free Wireless. How does that work?

Well, Exhibitor's Hall opens at 10am, so I've got some shooting (and maybe shopping) to do.


WaterlooView said...

Looks like fun so far...curious why or how the trip could've started off a bit better.

Love the pics!

Paul said...

I remember going back and forth to champions bar to get booze during the podcaster meet and greet last year... good times...

Huss said...

Is that where that alcohol came from?