Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gen Con 2007
Last Day - Make It Count

This was me on Saturday Morning...

I only had two scheduled players show up for Saturday's session, Eric and Dan. Eric had played before, but Dan was new. We had a third ask to sit in, after his scheduled event never materialized. Like the previous two times, this event went well. I was once again lucky.

After the session was done, it was off with both Eric and Dan to the Catalyst session about Classic BattleTech. Got a good read on what I need to do over the course of the next year. I left that session more determined than ever.

By now though, it was 4pm, and I had only two hours before the Exhibitor's Hall closed. I still needed to shop for my kids. I got that taken care of, then this happened.

What are ya gonna do?

I still had a bit of freetime left, so I watched a bit of this. It was kinda cool.

The hall was closing down not long after this, so I swung by the Catalyst booth to say my goodbye's to both Loren and Randall at the Catalyst booth. Both encouraged me to get something in. I promised I would. Randall then shocked me by pulling an obscure memory from a Gen Con seven years ago. I was both shocked and amused.

Leaving the Hall, I headed back to the hotel, and got all my stuff together. Gen Con goes through Sunday, but I was leaving at 3am Sunday morning, so this was my last day. I grabbed some dinner and headed down for the podcaster Meet & Greet. A chance for podcasters to get together and meet their fans and each other.

It was a good time. I got to meet a lot of fellow FtB forum posters. It was nice to put faces to names. Here's a shot of John, me and Adam.

The Meet & Greet wound down. I still needed to cover one more event.

I left the party early because I wanted to spend a bit more time with the folks that helped make it possible for me to be here this year.

I got back not long after the fan episode of Fear the Boot. From there, it was just hanging out until I had to head back to the bus depot.

I won't bore you with the trip back, except to say that it was long and a struggle for me to find any kind of sleep. The only excitement came when I almost missed my connecting bus in Chicago. Not good excitement, mind you.

I came home to awaiting arms of a happy wife and children. I was thrilled to see them as well.

As I have said, this Gen Con was easily in the Top 3 I've ever been to. I look forward to goign back next year (we hope).


Tony said...

You gots some mad documentin' skillz, yo!

Seriously... This was a great peek into your trip to GenCon and was a lot of fun to watch and read.

Huss said...

Tony, thanks. That means a lot. Feel free to use your ultimate pimping skillz to let others know. I had a blast doing it... it's making me think about podcasting.

Tony said...

Podcasting, vidcasting... you've got what it takes. There is no doubt about that.

Huss said...

Oh great... now you've really got me thinking about it. Just what I need, one more thing on my mind. :)