Monday, August 20, 2007

Gen Con 2007
Thursday Morning

An update and some shots of the early Cardhalla work.

I did eventually find my room, and was able to sit down for my first convention event in over 10 years. Yow. Fortunately, I got lucky and had two great players show up. I needed four, but both of these guys (Fear the Boot listeners and forum posters) wanted to play, and I wanted to GM, so we did the time-honored gamer tradition of "winging it." Each player ran two characters. It went very well. We all had a blast. Received some good, positive, feedback about the rules and the scenario. I was happy.

Here's some video of the Event Registration line at 7:10am on Thursday. These guys start early and are hardcore. The video itself may not be exciting, but I do catch one guy cutting in line.

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