Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bust A Move

So after three days of solid gaming, seminars and even LARPing, most gamers are ready to let their hair down and cut it up. The Gen Con dance is the place for that. Held in the Union Station, there's plenty of room to move your feet. This year had an 80s theme, and turnout was pretty good. Here's a few minutes of highlights. Granted, watching other people dance is not always the most exciting, but remember these are gamers, and they do have their own style, plus the guy at around the 2:30 mark makes it worth it.


Tyler William said...

Whoever that guy was at the 2:30 mark certainly has an interesting "run around moving arms haphazardly, then drop down to do half handstands with some creepy guy in black about to pounce when I bend over" style.

And yes, that's an official dance style.

Anonymous said...

Err, the theme was Steampunk not "80s".

Huss said...

Well, that would explain all the Steampunk Folks. :) I think I was deceived by the excessive 80's music being played. Thanks for the correction.

iconoclast_ said...

I hate to be rude, but the kids in the video are dancing to music that is older than most of them.

I think Gary still own TSR when some of those songs were first recorded.