Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 2 Begins

Friday it was up and at 'em, as I had plenty of time before anything I had scheduled, and there were some neat things I wanted to cover.

I checked out the miniature gaming area, and talked with one guy about the level of detail in his setup. Truly this area is one fo the coolest in Gen Con, simply from a visual standpoint. So many of the boards have such interesting detail.

Then made a quick swing through Cardhalla X, and actually caught a guy in the process of building something.

Then finally, took a walk past the Exhibitor's Hall. At about 9:30am. The hall opens at 10:00am


David Gray said...

I seriously want to take up the foam/plaster modeling some day... (Ah, space concerns, how you mock me!) That basement just gave it a +2 to awesome.

Those card constructs were impressive (with lighting, no less), but how much temptation did you feel to pray for an earthquake, just to watch the effect? That must be a fun place at take-down time.

No doubt about it, you are working that press pass!

Huss said...

I so wanted to basically just run right through the entire card structure, just to wreck it all. I think in the end that is what happens.